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Missions at Faith Church

“Go therefore and make disciples of all nations…”

(Matthew 28:19)

For 30 years it has been the profound privilege of Faith Church to have supported missionaries here and abroad.  In that time, beginning with the leadership of Jean and George Orcutt and the faithfulness of, now, generations of committed believers, numerous missionaries have gone forth under the “faith promises” of this church.  It is impossible to estimate the number of lives that have been changed, the individuals who have been healed, the hungry fed, the destitute sheltered and clothed throughout these years.  It is our hope that through our prayers and financial support Faith Church would be found faithful - an authentic church, sharing in some small way the work of those in the field of the Lord.


Missions Month

Every year Faith Church reserves in our worship schedule a “Missions Month” wherein the Missions Commission shares news from around the world regarding the lives and work of our missionaries.  We also have the pleasure of hosting a weekend that includes a missions dinner (all are welcome) with a special guest – one of the missionaries that Faith supports.  Please follow this space on missions generally and Missions Month in particular.


Faith Promises

A “faith promise” is neither a pledge nor simply a portion of the giving one would expect to provide for the church.  We are encouraged at this time to step out in faith, asking what the Lord would provide beyond our regular giving and, thus, beyond what we can comfortably or easily manage.  The Promise, then, is rather less about our intent or ability to support missions than it is about our faithful acceptance of the Lord’s promise to us to provide all our needs – especially when we step out in faith in building the Kingdom of God.

So it is that Missions Month is truly a time when faith is exercised in a profound way at the church.  Won’t you join us in a time of prayer for the salvation of the world, for the strength and courage of those who bring the light of the Gospel to places of unspeakable suffering, who then return to us with stories of victory and deliverance?  Sing a new hallelujah!


Meet the Missionaries

The following are among the missionaries supported by the faith promises of this church.  By their work the Great Commission has offered to the hungry, the lonely, the suffering and the hopeless the riches of the greatest Gift of all - the gift of the Lord Jesus Christ, the author and finisher of our faith.  It is in His name that others have gone forth to places that we are not called to, but through whom we too can reach out, providing for the basic human needs and answering the deep spiritual hunger of  peoples longing for the Good News.

From the South Side of Chicago to Tanzania, Africa; from Pakistan to the Philippines; from the Islamic world to the former Soviet Union; the peace of Christ has been on the lips and in the serving hands of these men and women.  Some of them are doctors, some translators, others church planters.  They are scholars and they are visionaries who care for the mind, spirit, and body – some in large compounds, some in small trailers and store front churches.  From India to Indiana they have answered the call.

Oasis Ministries

A son and daughter of missionaries, Oasis ministries formed when two young people met and fell in love and were married in Tanzania. An immediate bond was their love of Jesus, their love for the poor in the world and their burden for witness to the Muslim world.  They currently are in transition to the country where Islam is predominant, with the goal of living among the Muslim people, sharing their lives in order to share Jesus with them.

They write: "As we minister here in Tanzania and as we prepare to return to the Middle East in a few months - to a land where so few have yet to meet Jesus - we feel deeply privileged to introduce our Savior to those who don't know Him.

Thank you so much for your partnership in sharing Jesus with Muslim people."

Georgia USA: Trainers of Missionaries to the Islamic World


Alan and Beth Barrett


In Pakistan, Afghanistan, United Kingdom and the U.S.A., the Barrett's have had a heart for the Muslim people of Central Asia.  Mr. Barrett's earlier 10 year field experience has served him well for his various roles with Frontier's missions.  Currently, Alan is part of the Barnabas team, which is the Members Care Team arm of Frontiers Missions.


In addition, Rev. Barrett is a recognized scholar on world wide Islam.  His experience and expertise make him a sought after speaker in other churches, in addition to the United Methodist Church in Hamilton, Ga. where Alan pastors. He teaches on Islam and overseas missions and connects with future missionaries who attend meetings at the Frontier headquartered in Arizona.

Walking in Faith in Tanzania, Africa

Lowell and Claudia Wertz

The ministry of Lowell and Claudia Wertzes, Joy in the Harvest has truly reaped a bountiful harvest in Kigoma, Tanzania.  Here, survivors of the genocide in Rwanda and hundreds from the destitute camps come to "Kimberly's House" feeding shelter for 3 meals a week, possibly the only nutrition they will receive.  Faith Church has been privileged to provide seed money into this outreach which has multiplied 10 fold in the last several years.

The Wertzes also provide computer other occupational training to elevate people to a place of dignity and personal empowerment.  Finally, Joy in the Harvest disciples new Christians and is training the next generation of pastors and Christian ministers - and even new missionaries to yet other parts of Africa. .


In Your own Words, translating the scriptures!

John and Luci Tumas

Wycliffe Bible Translators exists because it is clear that the Word of God in the mother tongue is crucial in touching hearts and changing lives. 2,000 people groups still need to hear God's Word in their own language.

After 15 years in Papua New Guinea, the Tumas have returned of the U.S.A.  They are assigned to the Americas Area headquarters in Dallas.  John leads he Financial Accountability and Documentation group and Luci is publicity writer for translation work in 100 countries.


Check out the website


Serving God In The Middle East!

Salem & Farida Barghout

Salem and Farida Barghout are among the longest supported missionaries at Faith Church.  Dr. Barghout has used his medical skills from the U.A.E. to Jordan among others to touch the needy and suffering with a hand of healing and the gospel of Jesus Christ.  His work has been welcomed even by the Bedouin Arab nomads whom he has treated for tuberculosis.  Dr. Barghout continues to serve in the Middle East.

Missions to Russia!


Bruce Inglis

Bruce Ingles is a modern day "Circuit Rider" who - traveling by train - has established over 150 churches in Russia.  It has been a joy here at Faith to encourage the Russian pastors in the celebration of Christmas in a formerly atheist country by sending Christmas cards with a gift of five dollars.  The fruit of this ministry includes numerous conversions, baptisms, and the discipling of believers.  Bruce returns often and shares with us how the church of Christ is thriving in Russia and thanks us as "the church that does the impossible!"


Sharing Christ in The Philippines                                     

Brent and Kim Burdick

Brent and Kim Burdick have been ministering tirelessly in the Philippines for the last 20 years.  In addition to serving as pastor to the 1,300 member Faith Fellowship, they have met the social and economic and personal challenges of families living in the slums of Manila through their New Beginnings Ministry.

Pastor Burdick has shouldered enormous responsibilities for many years as the Philippines field director for OMS international; yet his latest news letter happily reports: "The reins of leadership have been turned over to Filipinos in every ministry OMS started!  They are doing great in their new roles! Mission accomplished!

The Gospel's Impact In India


Rev. Peter and Esther Pereira

The great spiritual need, as well as the poverty of the people, brought the Pereira family to Hyderabad, India in 1996.  Their ministry, HOPE FOR TODAY, has planted 78 churches, has opened Alpha Homes for 67 orphans, Alpha Schools for slum children, rural medical camps, a Pastor's Training Center, and has done evangelism through Good News Festivals.

One part of his outreach is to the children of remote and/or impoverished communities.  To this end, the Pereira's launched a vision to bring 10,000 children to VBS.  His website reports that the very ambitious goal virtually has been realized with over 9,700 kids in VBS this year.  We thank God that Faith was able to make the first donation of funds from an American church - and that was raised through our own Sunday School program.